Know Your Frame

Finished clutches in my studio

Are your frames NICKEL-FREE? Worried about lead?

Does the ppm of LEAD in your metal purse frames meet the U.S.’s allowable standard?

My metal frames are both nickel-free and meets the allowable standard for lead content. Know where your frames are from. Mine are made from my own molds, trademarked to my company Khuong LLC, and shipped from New Jersey.

Hypoallergenic, itch and rash-free. Made of iron in a nickel-free finish with a protective coating that is good for anyone with a sensitivity to nickel.

KNOW YOUR METALS!  My fine nickel-free purse frame(TM) are made of iron with a nickel-free** finish. Why is this good?

1.The metal purse frame is made of iron with a nickel-free finish.
2.It is good for people with nickel sensitivity:  it’s hypoallergenic, itch and rash resistant.
3.It has a 2-coat protective coating that allows fingerprints to wipe off with ease unlike those with a 1-coat finish.
4.It is tested for lead and meets the US’s Environmental Protection guidelines.
5.The nickel-free finish is white-silver in appearance and is best described as looking like sterling silver.
**It is trademarked to and Khuong LLC.

I use a nickel-free coating process that is also used to coat expensive fine jewelry.  (Yes, my work as a jeweler helps!) So yes, my trademarked nickel-free process is better for you if you have a nickel sensitivity BUT my frames also look white silver in appearance (resembling .925 sterling silver without ever tarnishing) instead of the gray tone rampant in generic nickel frames.

Metal: Iron

Finish: Nickel-free coating

Packing: Individually wrapped in a plastic wrap by me!

Peace of mind! You are getting it here in the US., shipped from my home studio in New Jersey. Should you have any problems, I can send a replacement within 2-3 days, or an immediate refund.

I hand-inspect each one BEFORE shipping: each frame is re-opened and re-closed — by me one last time — to ensure they open and close properly before they are individually wrapped in their own plastic bag so that the metals don’t rub up during shipment. —>Since I offer an unconditional 30-day money-back, no-hassle return or exchange (your choice) I must have 100% confidence that my frames are of the highest quality.

**Handbag makers my nickel-free metal purse frames can market their finished handbags as “made with a nickel-free metal frame(TM)” but please also use “Nickel free purse frame(TM) is a trademark of WhileBabyNaps.Etsy.Com and Khuong LLC.”**

These “nickel-free metal purse frames(TM)” can be purchased at or

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